How Ruby-O™ uses advanced phospholipid technology for fish oil to deliver 40% more omega-3s with lower doses providing improved support for brain and cardiovascular health.

Omega-3s from fish oils have been one of the star supplement nutrients for years now. Consumers love omega-3 supplements thanks to their scientifically-proven positive effects on supporting brain health as well as the lesser-known benefits to cardiovascular health. Now, a new delivery format using advanced phospholipid technology can deliver 40% more omega-3s to cells and allow formulators to achieve new levels of bioavailability.

Patent-pending Ruby-O™ by Naturmega uses sustainably-sourced EPA/DHA omega-3 concentrates and phospholipids from lecithin to allow the oils to have greater bioavailability and, therefore, have a greater positive effect on health outcomes.

Read this manufacturer download to learn more about the latest research in omega-3s and how Ruby-O™ by Naturmega delivers enhanced bioavailability, allowing formulators to innovate in this important health and nutrition market.